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Do you notice that on our site is our phone number, our address, how to contact us, where we are, and were a real brick and mortar facility,with our address on the bottom of every page,  not just an electronic page with no contact info. Thanks For Noticing!
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Flagpole Wind Chart


70 MPH


80-90 MPH


100 MPH


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 150 MPH 


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Custom banner poles

     Commercial Flagpole Links       New Site link to commercial poles
External  Halyard Flagpole  (rope on the outside of pole) Pg C1.
Internal Halyard  Key Lock Door Poles  (Economy rope based internal halyard system ) pg. C2
Internal Halyard Winch & Cable System (The very best internal halyard flagpoles available) pg. C3
Commercial Outriggers  (poles mounted to side of building) pg. C4  & pg. C5
Nautical Aluminum (flagpoles with yardarm typically found at water front locations)  pg. C6
Fiberglass Nautical  (flagpoles with yardarm typically found at water front locations)
Fiberglass Flagpole  (fiberglass flagpoles light weight & very strong easy to install)
Custom Made Banner Poles  custom = 4 to 8 weeks.  (Custom poles for special applications upon request)
 Commercial Quality Residential Flagpole   3 pc Aluminum $339.00 delivered
   Residential pole  3 pc Fiberglass $339.00 delivered

Flagpole pages & so much more... Please take your time on these pages, the links will take you to a variety of pages that show pricing and explain the differences in the types of flagpoles. 

What is the difference?   How do I choose?   What pole will work for me?

 How to choose a flagpole    General Questions

Most popular finishes shown below, Powder coated poles available

Satin (standard finish)   

   Clear Anodized.   Dk. Bronze  Black

Standard Finish on all flagpoles is Satin. Flagpoles can be anodized or powder coated for an additional cost. Cost varies from 15% to 27% depending on finish.

Link To Power Point presentation (allow time for it to load)

 General Questions & Important information

  So how does a flag pole start ?
 Custom Banner Poles for Vertical Banners or Flags or Banners and Lights
Complex wind Chart > : National Wind Chart  
3 Pole Combination  Looking for a 3 Pole Trio. Save Money Buy A Perfectly Matched 3 Pole Combination.
LinkTruck tops Sealed Bearings to other flagpole brands


Quality flagpoles, Installation available in many areas, we provide complete easy instructions, we welcome phone calls not just for ordering, were glad to take your call to answer questions about any installation question, how you can build your flagpole using our quality flagpole parts. We can supply all your flag or flagpole requirements, we stock every size of American made Annin US flag. We stock Every State Flags sizes 12x18" thru sizes 8x12'. Call us when your ready for your flagpole.


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American Made Flagpoles

click photos to enlarge, poles below installed by us.

C25050125 VA

S35070188 NC

C30060156 SC

installed by AAK