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Choose Nautical Flagpoles Below  (fiberglass) available with or with out hinge base.

Fill Out This Form For Freight Quote    See Poles  Aluminum "Residential" / "Commercial"

Click on images to enlarger. ..Standard poles Click here >. AF Fiberglass Poles
We have many fiberglass flagpoles to choose from. We chose the hinge base pole for this customer as the pole is 35' tall and in a difficult to reach area, (it's beach front with no drive, once the landscaping is complete there will be no access for a lift truck) and if the line ever broke it would be very difficult to re-rig with out the ease of the hinge lock tilt base. We have more details with the larger photos. Click on small images to enlarge them. Below are pricing for (GS) Ground Sleeve set poles and (HB) Hinge Base poles.
Click on "order now"  to view average freight cost, call or e-mail for an exact quote.   Add a flash collar for just $20.00
Ground Set type foundation.
With Hinge Base. See Detail
AFGS20-YA $968.00 Order Now AFHB20-YA $1291.00 Order Now
AFGS25-YA $1074.00 Order Now AFHB25-YA $1407.00 Order Now
AFGS30-YA $1531.00 Order Now AFHB30-YA $1911.00 Order Now
  AFHB33-YA $1941.00 Order Now
AFGS35-YA $2164.00 Order Now AFHB35-YA $2196.00 Order Now
AFGS40-YA $2328.00 Order Now AFHB40-YA $2488.00 Order Now
AFGS50-YA See How Easy Installation Is.
AFGS60-YA See Detail of nautical pole
AFGS70-YA Go to: Pricing for FG Poles without yardarm

High strength from modern technology, and the traditional look of the Colonial era.

Most nautical flagpoles do not include a gaff. The gaff type poles are used at yacht clubs and it has an additional arm that sticks out the back of pole.


See additional pole information on bottom of  page at this link