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One Piece Residential Flagpoles with high quality yardarm assembly. The most professional and complete residential flagpole in the industry with lots of what others call add-on's, included.

  Nautical aluminum flagpoles, poles on this page include:   a one pc. tapered flagpole shaft  (main pole),  a one pc. double end tapered yardarm, (not a straight shaft)  a 12" flash collar,  a revolving truck top,  3 HD cast aluminum cleats,  line for all rigging,  4" gold ball top,  a fabricated aluminum housing designed exclusively for this application, one pair of bronze flag snaps and boots for main pole,   two pair of nylon snaps for for yardarm flags,  PVC foundation sleeve for pole installation and a Allen key to tighten the setscrews.  All cleat holes drilled and tapped on pole for easy assembly.  We Have done all the work for you,  the assembly and installation is easy for anyone that can use simple tools.  The parts are all made to fit together and are professionally made,  using matching aluminum components,  and SS screws for construction.  Quality is as important to us,  as it is you.  See note below that explains the difference between the poles on this page.

Yardarm is assembled using stainless steel (ss) eye bolts and ny-lock nuts  smooth finish with no stick through of bolt for flags to get caught on, smooth clean fitting pole to yardarm assembly drilled and tapped with ss set screws, only adds beauty to pole, (not a ugly cluster of plates and jumbo U bolts).  We ship it preassembled !

Order Here > E20N 0ne pc. 3" x 20 nautical $819.00 Complete as defined below. + freight *
Order Here > AF25N One pc. 4" x 25 Nautical  $1059.00 Complete as defined below. + freight  *
See our 3 pc Nautical that ships by FedEx for $839.00 delivered included at this link  (on our new site)
NOTE about our nautical poles on this page:   We provide some subtle differences that make our products stand out. Poles on this page Include: HD Cleats, a 3" Ball, Our Superior Quality Yardarm, and Assembly, a 6ft. 6" yardarm , a Flash Collar, a US Flag proper size for pole,  and a state flag proper size for the pole (yardarm flag size is 2x3' the proper size for poles on this page). The flags are our gift to get you stated properly,  the flags are the best quality flags you'll ever find. Also take advantage of our discount pricing when replacing worn flags.

The one piece poles must ship motor freight and, Freight Is Quoted Separately to your delivery Zip Code   The average cost to be expected is 159.00 to 249.00.

Parts used include :
  3 cleats 3" Gold Ball > flash collar
 * + tax in SC & NC
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