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      Indoor flag sets now available in combinations as well as individually, Choose, US & Christian, US and any State, or one of our US and any Branch of the Armed Services. 2 pack combos Just $349.00, plus they ship together saving even more. Also complete 50 state set and complete military sets.

Also see Popular Desk Sets                   Poles Parts & Accessories of Indoor Flag Sets


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  • Superior US Indoor Display Set = (1 flag, 1 pole, 1 base, 1 cord & tassel, 1 ornament.)
  • 3x5' US Set Deluxe  Fully sewn pole sleeve & embroidered flag with gold fringe.
  • 4x6' US Set Deluxe  Fully sewn pole sleeve & embroidered flag with gold fringe.
  • 5x8' US Set Deluxe  Fully sewn pole sleeve & embroidered flag with gold fringe.

Matching Sets = (2 flags, 2 poles, 2 cord& tassel, 2 bases, 2 ornaments.)

  • Indoor Display Sets US & Christian
  • One Superior Quality 3x5' US Flag with Pole Hem & Fringe
  • One 3x5' Superior Quality Christian Flag with Pole Hem & Fringe
  • Two 8' x 1 1/4" Oak Poles with Brass Joint (metal not plastic)
  • 7" Perched Eagle Metal (not plastic)
  • 8" Christian Cross Metal (not plastic)
  • Two Large 12" weighted base (not 8")

You can cut poles to custom fit you particular situation and you will not see the cut.



Complete US Set


Desk Set With 8x12'
very fine flag

$40.90 Order
Ambassador Set

Desk Set with 8x12'
flag Fully sewn

$122.90 Order
Presidential Set