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Copper Eagles






This is: Flagpole Eagles Page

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12" & 18" Eagles Click Photos To Enlarge Them

So How Do You Measure An Eagle?

12 & 18"  Tall

10" Tall 24" wide cast aluminum eagle. W24     

FP -2- Eagle 12"Gold $49.90 Order here   Best for 20 to 25 residential poles See Eagle
FP-2 Eagle 12" Color $69.90 Order here
FP1- Eagle 18" Gold $89.90 Order here   18" 25 to 30 ft commercial poles
FP1- Eagle 18" Color $109.00 Order here
24W Eagle 10" tall x full 24" wide wing span $106.00  Best for 30 - 40 ft poles Gold Only.

Our Flagpole Eagles are mounted on 1/2" threaded rod and with ball & lock nut.

18" Eagles. from wing tip under body to wing tip is over 24" But, Eagle Stands 18" Tall
Click on Photos to Enlarge

See Wall mount eagles at this link
< close up of our 29" wall

  Close UP of our 36" wall eagles, click photo below



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