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So How Do You Measure An Eagle                         New Eagle

Many companies & individuals sell eagles on the web. Not All Eagles Are Created Equal.

    We measure the eagles for flagpoles by how tall they stand on the top of the pole. Ours also include the 3" globe they stand on that is part of the height.

 You measure from the bottom ball to the top of wings to get height. = 12 inch tall eagle.

    Same with the 18" Tall Eagle.

    Shown Below is the only odd bird. It's wings are flat and it does measure 24inch wide. but is only 10" tall.  it is a heavy casting, and actually heavier and larger than out 18" tall eagles. The 24 wide is mounted on a solid bronze rod, and has a cast base below the feet, rather than the round ball.

24" wide x 10" Tall from feet to bottom of casting. View a 12" Eagle on a pole

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