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Remember if your placing a flagpole at a public place you are responsible for the proper wind rating of that pole. We will guide you. Use:

The Wind Chart.

For Scout Projects Only.

If you take the time to review all the links on this page you will have quite a bit of information, and be better informed which guide you to a knowledgeable purchase and give you the results your looking for with your project.

    We get hundreds of request a year to help with Scout Projects. Here is how we can help. We are happy to provide information on how to install. How to assemble. How to order. What size is appropriate for your project. Why wind chart is important. Tips & information that take many years to learn. We will provide a Free US Flag the proper size for the pole you choose.* We market nationally and that allows us to sell directly to the public at substantial savings. At  links below you can find a few of the most popular poles requested for scout projects, they are only a few of the poles we offer but are the ones chosen most often for various Eagle Scout projects.

   We know all about budgets,  we have been in business for over 35 years, It's not about how much you have allocated for the job, it's about how do you raise enough money to do the job properly so you won't need to fix or repair it. Use the proper pole for your project, kits and residential flagpoles are unsuitable for public property, use wind zone chart to determine your requirements and choose a pole from the many commercial poles available, choose the proper pole for your project, or choose another project. It's just that important.

 Popular Poles Link
 General Questions
 Complex wind Chart > : National Wind Chart  
 Click Here For Overview Of  Flagpoles and there wind ratings.
 * Free Flag,
There is a catch, we require a letter from the Scout who is actually doing the project. The letter must define the project, and tell a bit about previous accomplishments, including name, your troop number, and why you choose an American flag and flagpole project. (parents, please, a letter from the scout) A Photo when completed would be nice but it's not required, the letter is. The letter Must be in your own hand. It must be mailed to Anchor Flag, INC. 2044 Hwy 9 w., Longs, SC 29568  no faxes, no e-mails.
 Freight delivery Notes
Commercial   Installation page.
 Installation  Residential  Page.
The photos on this page depict installation information you may find useful.
Often a picture speaks a thousand words here is 15 photos that show what a quality job should look like when finished CCU Page
Photo Page 3   Photo Page 1  
Flag: Top quality US made Nylon outdoor flag for out door poles.

* Free proper size flag with pole purchased form Anchor Flag, INC.

The Best American made flags, ever made.