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General installation instructions covering a wide range of poles.

Also see this 9 photo tutorial Click Here


Before You Dig...
  • Read though these instructions and make sure that you have all the components and tools required for the installation.
  • Select a location for your flagpole where it cannot be struck by lawnmowers, automobiles, bikes, etc.
  • Avoid locations in the vicinity of power lines
  • Check with your local municipality regarding height ordinances and for any underground gas or power lines. Many municipalities have a "Dig Safe" bureau that can provide you with this information.
  • It is best to unwrap the pole as soon as possible after it's been delivered and kept straight and dry during storage.
  • Do not attempt to climb flagpoles.
  • Do not lean ladders against flagpoles.
  • Do not allow children to operate a flagpole unattended.

Tools and Accessories Required - Not Included

  • Level
  • Screwdriver - Phillips head for truck screws
  • Cedar wedges/shims
  • Dry sand
  • Cement
  • Shovel/excavating tools
  • Crushed stone/pebbles for drainage
 Home kits only require approximately a 12 to 24 inch diameter hole, and the depth of hole would be equal to the length of sleeve that comes with your pole plus 3 to 6" for gravel or sand. Best to have gravel on bottom of hole for drainage. Dementions listed below are for commercial poles, but the procedure is the same.  General rule is 3 to 4 times the diameter of pole and 10% of pole height goes in ground. (20 ft. tall pole above ground =2 ft. in ground).
approx. diameter & depth given as all locations are not the same but you can use info as a starting point.


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