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Anchor Flag And Flagpole. Concrete & Steel. We are NOT just a digital page on the web, being broadcasted from a closet in some ones home.

Our name appears on every page of our web site, along with our phone number and our street address, over 90 % of other web sites do not list any of that information, why you might ask? I can only think they don't want you to visit, or to know there location. Our orders, (your receipt) have our name & address and phone number on them as well. So when you order something from Anchor Flag you will have contact info for us along with a copy of your order.


 2007 Longs, SC

2007 Longs, SC


2001 Longs, SC

      Today, with so many businesses to choose from, where do I shop. Well if you're shopping from home it's a good idea to look on the web for bargains. But a low priced item may not be a bargain, just a low priced item. Our goal is to bring you real value for your purchase. Quality products with real value for a modest price.  But, while shopping on the web, how do we decide which company to purchase from. We think it is a good idea to purchase from a real business, one with a real location, not just a PO Box address or just a web address.  Anchor Flag, INC is not just a digital store but a real store, with real inventory on hand to ship or pick up immediately to better serve our customers. Housing flagpoles, flagpole kits, &  flags here and in 9 other locations around the country, to serve you promptly. With our affiliate companies we can ship your products from the most advantageous location to reach you promptly and conserve on freight costs. We keep popular sized flagpoles in our Longs, location for local pickup and sales. But for most of America we ship directly from the mill facility.
       We have been in business for over 35 years and we know what our customers want, we know what products have value and those that don't. We serve customers in every state across the country and many locations out of the country. We can provide you with the information required to successfully purchase a quality product and how to install your own flagpole project. Our goal is to provide you the best product with real value at a fair price rather than an inferior product at what mighty appear to be a bargain price.
      Our  Customers are you, and many of the schools, municipal buildings, fire stations, government facilities, businesses such as car dealers, banks, shopping centers, funeral homes, nursing homes, day care centers, doctor's & lawyer's offices, production facilities, textile mills, gas stations, and just about anywhere you see a flagpole & flag. Our Flagpoles can be found in every state in the United States.

If you can't come to us, we can deliver to you.


Anchor Flag&Welding

1979, Cape May NJ

1981 Cape May, NJ