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Professional Flagpole Lighting.

See  our new web site for complete listing of all available quality flagpole lighting, from Down Lighting to prevent light pollution into the night sky to the best available spot light fixtures available.

This is the light fixture you need the 175 watt fixture is 10" x 9" x 7" and will light your 25 to 50 ft. pole perfectly. Shipped wired for 120 volt application. Can be changed for 208, 240 and 277 volt.

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Many of the web offerings are over priced low voltage units that simply won't do any more than make your flag barely visible.  If you're going to light your flag, , , Then Light It. Low voltage lighting is ok around your walk way and flower beds but falls far short of reaching 25 to 100 ft in the air with enough power to illuminate your flag.
  Order 175 watt Unit For $240 Delivered

175 Spot light perfect for flagpoles.

NOTE: Units Wired For 120 volt, and can be changed to other settings by electrician.


 They produce a blue white light that will illuminate your flag and make it jump off the pole. Many other fixtures cast a yellow light and will make your flag look old and yellowed or just don't produce any more light than a lightening bug.
A proper outdoor fixture will have a sealed lens compartment, (be water tight) you are putting it outside and pointing it almost straight up, right? An exposed bulb won't last long. Don't be fooled into thinking quality "flagpole lighting" can be purchased in the low voltage range. You Will be disappointed. Why would you pay 300 plus dollars for something that won't do the job? Yes there is a bit more work in doing it right but you won't be disappointed. Photo cell, light , wiring  and a post to mount it on all should cost less than most web offerings of low voltage units.

Larger poles require specific lighting, this unit is suitable for poles 50 to 120 ft. 2 lights are recommended. For poles over 60 ft.

All products are standard with our exclusive Delta Guard finish, featuring an E-coat epoxy primer and a bronze  acrylic powder topcoat. The acrylic finish is resistant to the degrading effects of the ultraviolet radiation from the sun and other environmental factors. This assures you that the products you install today will look great in the future as well. We are so confident, we offer a 7-year finish warranty!

Uses ED17 envelope lamps. A metal halide version of the Axial Parabolic fixture is also available with G12-base tubular lamp.

All fixtures are standard with a high power factor ballast. The majority of Flood/Area fixtures are supplied with a multi-volt ballast. In the U.S., the standard ballast includes 120, 208, 240 and 277 volts; in Canada, the standard ballast includes 120, 277 and 347 volts (some wattages are standard with a 120/277V dual-volt ballast).

UL Listed in U.S. and Canada for wet locations, and enclosure classified IP54 and/or IP65 per IEC 529 and IEC 598.

The optical system for Mini Axial Parabolic Narrow has a smooth bright reflector that provides a narrower 8 symmetric beam angle. Optical chambers are sealed to reduce dirt and insect contamination. The fixture uses ED17 envelope lamps and are ideal for illuminating tall, narrow subjects such as flagpoles, steeples, columns and signs. A metal halide version of the Axial Parabolic fixture is also available with G12-base tubular lamp.

To Order this Item

CALL 800-637-3002 or e-mail

Lamp is 22" x 22" x 10"D

Unit Cost is $750.00 per light fixture

with Metal Halide / MH1000 bulb

Also available   Pole Mounted Tunnel Lights

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Additional info and pricing on new site

Sold in sets only, Fixtures are 18" long

6" diameter. Fixtures accept 150 watt flood lamps for up, down, or up and down lighting.

Bulbs not included. (4)

Tunnel lighting recommended on External Halyard poles Only


AF-Tunnel Light

Part # Based on pole diameter ie= AF-TL7 would be for a 7 diameter flagpole.


Additional info and pricing on new site