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High Quality Custom made Banner Poles.

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Custom Corner or two way poles

Lighten the load on your pole, using the Flex Banner Arm and Brackets.




Click here for more info on our custom made banner poles.

Our banner poles can be custom designed for your particular requirements. Or use our standard mountings.  We can fill your custom flag and banner needs too. All we require is good quality art. 

Art: EPS format preferred, JPG is some times acceptable, tiff is good too.

Nylon or Sunbrella Banners   e-mail your art or a JPG image to us Just click this link 

Banners place more strain on a pole than that applied by a flag that is freely flying any direction the wind blows. A banner is fixed and when the wind blows directly at the front face or the back face of the banner the banner can not move out of the way so it presents a very heavy load against the pole. So when planning to use banners make sure you pole will handle the load. We can help and can provide wind loading for various sizes of banners, and banner poles.


Small - ---------17.5 Sq ft of banner $148.00
Medium - -----20 Sq. ft of banner $154.00
Large - ---------23 Sq. ft of banner $168.00
Extra Large - 30 Sq. ft of banner $228.00 ***
Banding - $10.60 per (large stainless screw tight straps.)
***requires heavy banding
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