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Banner pole to left has 1 ridged arm top to display banner and a grommet in bottom corner to secure to bottom of banner and this way the banner releases excessive wind resistance which would develop if pole had two arms top and bottom of banner. We can produce them with both but for this smaller pole this is better and displays quite nicely.
This unit has a 2' long base that must be concreted into a 10 to 12" diameter hole about 18" deep. Then bolt the banner pole to the base (preassembled bolts and base) when your ready to move pole you could simply leave base in ground un bolt pole and move to new location (with new base) We dig 2 ft. deep hole pound base into ground 6 to 8 inches and fill hole with concrete to bottom of plate, leaving plate 6 to 8 inch below grade, then when we move them just fill in hole. See detail below.
We custom make double sided banners of Sunbrella (outdoor awning material) your text or image can be printed both sides.