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Flagpoles Facts, and information to help you choose.

Home Kits... Are light duty multi-section flagpoles manufactured of thin wall tubing for  flying smaller (3x5) light weight flags on relatively calm days. Hundreds of thousands of customer use these economical poles to display the American flag at there home, real estate sales offices & developers use these to draw attention to there new locations and developments. Home kit flagpoles are not given wind ratings; but generally accepted in the industry, you can expect the pole to withstand  50 MPH wind, for poles that are 2" -  2 1/2"  in diameter without a flag. The 3" kits are stronger. Bear in mind there is no such stated warrantee. No light duty home kit sold anywhere carry a warrantee pertaining to wind speed.

Estate Flagpoles.. Are a commercial grade of aluminum, and manufactured like the commercial flagpoles.  Typically they are smaller in diameter than the commercial poles, Estate flagpoles use more economical parts and fittings than the commercial flagpole line, but the components are of much higher quality than those used in the home kits. The wall thickness of estate flagpoles is 2 to 4 times thicker than home kits, and Estate flagpoles are manufactured in as few sections as possible for shipping . Most 20, 25 and some 30 ft poles are one piece construction, which allows for superior wind ratings.. Estate poles Are warranted for 10 years, and have specific wind ratings, such as the E20 which is rated to 123 MPH. Our 3pc sectional Special is manufactured to allow us to ship a good quality flagpole by UPS for much less than motor freight cost of the one piece poles. Our AFSS20 has a wind rating of 100 MPH and is a well made quality flagpole with a 5 year warrantee, easy to assemble and install. Delivers UPS - FedEx.
Commercial Flagpoles... Our Continental Series of external halyard flagpoles are superior in the industry, they have the highest tested and proven wind ratings in the industry. Produced with the highest quality components, our Continental flagpoles are chosen by the most discriminating buyers. While we are forced to compete with lesser quality manufactures we still provide superior products. For just a few dollars more. You can add two options that will make your pole so superior to anything else offered anywhere, ( like our Sealed Bearing revolving top heads standard on all our poles 45 ft & up) and a Cast Aluminum Flash Collar. We have deleted these items from our standard poles in an effort to stay completive with lesser quality poles being offered by others.
Commercial Sentry Key Lock Door Flagpoles... Same pole shafts as above with the added features of an economical internal halyard system and a key lock door for security. All our Sentry poles have a revolving top head, and we include a ball ornament. Others us a fixed cap that does not track with the wind and a lesser quality door system.
Commercial Stainless Steel Winch And Stainless Steel Cable Internal Halyard System Independence Flagpoles ... None Better.  The ultimate in flagpoles, combines the shafts of our Continental Series and the patented stainless steel winch, and SS cable system for a superior pole and superior function of a cable based winch system.

This allows the easy raising and lowering of large flags with a stop and lock anywhere winch and the lifetime durability of SS cable. (rope systems should be maintained yearly and changed every 2 to 5 years.) The same SS cable that was popular in the control mechanisms  of airplanes is the cable used in these poles. We also provide what's called a Flag Arrangement, that way you cable is rigged to fly flags independently of the cable that raises and lowers your flags. That way you don't clamp your flag snaps to the main cable which causes premature wear and is a costly to repair.  The winch access door locks and is only accessible using a winch handle. Never worry about loosing a flag to theft.

View a quality job we installed at Coastal Carolina University and click on the small photos to enlarge them to view all the details that make up these fine quality poles.

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Flag Arrangements for independence flagpoles.