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About Independence poles.                     Price Independence Poles

If you want an independence pole, that is what you need to order. Other companies make internal halyard flagpoles, but they ARE NOT Independence poles.

What are the differences?

Our Independence poles have a patented winch system, and it is already installed in the pole! Others you need to bolt it in the back. Ours is on a swivel base for easy rigging. We include a ball, and our Sealed Bearing top head is by far better than other top heads that only use stainless steel ball bearings on the aluminum seat. Widely used in the industry, bearings on aluminum seats eventually grind into the seat,  the top head just quits working (revolving). Pole still works, top head does not. Why did you order a revolving truck top in the first place if you didn't care if it was going to work freely in 6 months? A quality sealed bearing unit will still be working in 15 years.    Click The Photos

Our poles, have a welded in door frame which strengthens the pole where the door material has been cut out. Others only cut out the door and insert a mounting plate for the winch. Still others only insert the winch system which is also the new cover,  but do not weld in a door frame. (frame welded in before finishing of pole. click on the photos to enlarge and inspect.)

Our Cable System, includes what is called a cable arrangement. That is a separate section of cable which is made up of flag snaps, thimble ends, heavy cable connectors and links, and cable to fit the flags for the pole. We don't just clamp the flag snaps on the main cable of the pole. We attach a cable arrangement which can be easily changed for different sizes of flags or replaced if worn, with out having to replace the entire cable of the pole.

All of these Items are a part of the Independence pole, our prices are very completive, but remember were competing with lesser quality poles.  If you want the best and a trouble free product you need to buy the best. You can shop to get your best deal, but lets don't be shopping for apples and settle for a prune

One more tid-bit, I recently repaired a flagpole for a US Post Office, it was a steel pole over 30 years old, well made, and had a revolving top head on it with sealed bearings, it appeared to me to be the original and and is still working fine. Sealed bearings do not need lubrication. Sealed bearings are worth the extra 150 to 400 dollars they cost in pole production. I build them, service them, install them, and now mostly sell them, you want the best, shop for it here Alan Koch



When only the best will do choose "Anchor Flag And Flagpole" Independence flagpoles.

While others have taken part or parts of our name we are

Anchor Flag, INC located in South Carolina. The original