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Residential Home Kit Flagpole Specials

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Easy installation   
Standard residential flagpoles are 20 ft tall. Click links below to view full details of each flagpole.
HS15 & 20 ft Kits   Modest pricing good quality 2" flagpoles.  Also See Similar Pole from Annin
HDHS20 & HDHS25    2 1/2" x 25 ft. flagpole kit Tall & strong.
TH20 a 3" tapered Kit  A very strong 3" tapered flagpole kit
TH25 a 3" tapered Kit  A 3" tapered 25 ft. flagpole kit

12 Ft. White Titan Just $59.00 Delivered.       See two more 18' & 22' sizes  

Nautical Kit  Light duty nautical flagpole kit.
NEW Telescoping Flagpole    19 ft. Kit with lots of extras
Porch Mount Flagpoles  House & wall mounted flagpoles. Higher quality than those found in chain stores.

Highest Quality Home Flagpoles Below

AFSS20 Aluminum 3 pc 20 ft. & 25 ft.  High end Heavy Duty Aluminum kit 118 MPH rating  Spec
 White Fiberglass 3 pc. 20 ' $339.00 del.  High end Heavy Duty kit 100 MPH
Telescoping Flagpole  US Made Telescoping Flagpoles. 20 and 25 ft. Wheel Mounts & more.
Also See Larger High Quality  Residential Flagpoles


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