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   We ship from our own facility, we don't need to forward your order to someone else to ship it, so you get prompt service & shipping Direct!

All HS Home Kits come complete with everything you need to raise and fly flag. Poles have a foundation sleeve, aluminum gold ball top, cast aluminum top truck,  Real flagpole parts not cheap pulleys & eye bolts.

 Full easy instructions included.


HS 20 Flagpole

  • 2" x 20 ft. aircraft quality tubing, see photo's to right
  • Longer swedge ends than other brands for stronger flagpole
  • Cast aluminum top cap with roller
  • 3" Gold ball
  • Line & flag snaps
  • Never rust cast nylon cleat
  • Foundation sleeve to protect pole from concrete
20' kit  Retail 149.00, yours for  $116.90  Delivered    Order here
 for 15' kit just leave one section out 15 & 20 priced the same
Also Available 20' Kit with good 3x5' Nylon U.S. flag $128.00 Delivered  Order Here
Kit with Best nylon fully sewn Annin 3x5' flag Embroidered Stars $146.00 Order Here
Wind Rating
Easy installation, if you can use a shovel and mix a few bags of concrete in a pan or wheel barrow you can easily have this installed the day after you receive it!  

"Customer comment below"

"We recently purchased a HS residential pole and flag from you. We are very impressed with the quality of the product and installation instructions. We ordered over the web and it was difficult to picture how big a 15 to 20 ft pole would be. We have some pictures attached that you might find useful for your web site to show the pole in a residential setting. We have a light on ours at night and all the neighbors just love it.
Thanks for such a great product at a very good value as well. "

Col Andrew GilXXXX 

Click to enlarge

For this home we would have opted to take a pole from our Estate Line. But the customer seemed to be quite pleased with his selection. His letter was unsolicited and is to the left.