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American Flagpoles
Click here to see our NEW 19' Telescoping pole for only $99.90

Below, Our Aluminum Telescoping flagpoles are Made in America

Top quality, heavy duty, double rigged for two flags, gold ball top with foundation sleeve. 20', base diameter 2 1/2" od. top 2" Dia. 
Acrylic, long life bushings and revolving rings, ss/chromed flag snaps. ss push button locks.
Anodized brushed satin finish will not rust or corrode.  Includes locking device to stop flag theft.
A durable flagpole that can be mounted most anywhere, and removed for storage at summer homes.
Great for decks & docks or out front. Want Attention? Order a wheel mount and take it with you anywhere. Just park on the wheel mount, insert you pole, extend, and you are up and ready to be found.
Easy to install. High Quality American Made Telescoping poles.      

Uncommon brand flagpoles are superior to other imported brands.

See Special note at bottom.

20' Telescoping Retail is: $338.99  double rig for flying of 2 flags, Gold aluminum 3" ball top & instructions. You pay $269.00 + shipping.  Brushed aluminum with clear anodized finish. Order Now Click here to order the 20'
25' Telescoping   Our 25' Telescoping Flagpole, Retails, $432.99 yours for Just $334.01 + Shipping Includes double rig for flying of  2 flags, 4" gold anodized ball top & easy install instructions. Brushed aluminum with clear anodized finish.

Order Now Click here to order the 25'

Add a Wheel Mount, available for just $96.00 + 14.00 shipping . Click to order Wheel Mount

Strong Light weight aluminum. The wall bracket and deck mount are same price. If you would like to order one of them just make a note in comments area of order form, that you want the deck mount or the wall bracket rather than the wheel stand.

Deck Mount   93.00 Wheel Stand  94.00   Wall Bracket 93.00     Hitch 94.00

these items are for 2 & 1/2 " poles.  you can order any just order wheel stand above and in comments area tell us you want the (what ever it is ) or call to order.
Uncommon telescoping flagpoles, quickly raise & lower pole with a flick of spring release button. Standard fittings include polycarbonate swivel rings, including a double flag harness which allows flying of two flags, a clear polycarbonate collar which fits around lowest button on the pole to prevent unauthorized raising or lowering of pole. Pole construction, 16 gauge anodized aluminum .
Special Note:  We no longer offer the sun setter or top flight brand of telescoping flagpole, our Uncommon flagpole offers smoother operation, sturdier parts, more dependable service. They cost a bit more than imported poles but there is a reason, they are better quality. We do offer a wonderful imported telescoping pole. They are wonderful because you get so much with the kit but remember they are lighter duty than our Uncommon Brand.  Imported kit at this link Click here for 19'

The Best American made flags, ever made.