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20' Tall With 6' Yardarm Just $485.00 Delivered Click to order

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Complete Kit, all rigging, 3x5' US nylon flag, 1 - 2x3' state flag of your choice.
3 " anodized aluminum gold ball, cast aluminum top cap (truck)
Pole is 3" dia at base tapered to 2" at top.
Includes a 6' long x 2"dia. yardarm with pulleys pre-assembled using stainless steel eye     bolts, 3 cleats and all line and rigging & flag snaps for 3 flags.
All anodized aluminum aircraft tubing sections, each section with flared end that fits over the section below, and foundation sleeve for mounting.
Pole instructions are easy. (most of the assembly is already completed)
This pole is designed for the flying of 1- 3x5' flag and 2- 2x3' flags on the yardarm.
All pole parts are aluminum, or anodized aluminum, (will not rust or corrode)

Great pole for lake or water front properties where the traditional nautical poles are found.


Home kits are not given wind ratings, generally accepted is 55 MPH.
For stronger nautical poles See our line of Fiberglass poles at 120 MPH or our Larger Aluminum Nautical Flagpoles rated from 75 to 199 MPH

Actual photo of kit (above to left)
Also see our New one pc. 20 ft. Estate nautical flagpole.
What is the difference?   How do I choose?   What pole will work for me?

Photo below is of a 30 ft. commercial nautical.

Photo below is of a 35 ft commercial fiberglass.