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Home kits are made of aircraft quality thin wall tubing. Click image below to view the various sizes to help you decide.

 Home Flagpole Kits
Home Sets Price    

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Delivered Wind ratings *  
Links   Picked up      
HS15 2" pole 89.00 116.00 NA  
HS20 2" pole 89.00 116.00 NA  
HS25 2.5" pole 179.90 199.00 NA  
TH20 3" pole 169.00 199.00 NA  
TH25 3" pole 199.00 224.90 NA  
FG20 HD3.75" pole  factory direct $296.00 100MPH  
AF20 HD3" pole $279.00 $299.00 100MPH  
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  See pg 1 Commercial Poles    
* Multi section home kits are not given wind ratings like the heavier wall commercial quality flagpoles. Generally accepted in the industry is approx. 50 MPH but no warrantee is implied or given. The larger the diameter the better the pole.

Our HS 20 is the same kit sold in hardware stores across America for $129.00 to $149.00 shipped direct to you for $116.00. It is a very popular flagpole kit.

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