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Below a 6" x 30'



 (Good)  1, Light Duty Nautical Flagpole Home Kit Just $485.00 Delivered.

(Better) 2,   AF-SS20N (a 3pc pole for UPS shipping.)

Four, Exclusive Anchor Flag And Flagpole, Residential Nautical  Flagpoles.

Order Our AF-SS20N  A complete yardarm package with two flags, a 3x5' US flag. and a 2x3' state flag (for the state we ship to unless otherwise specified)

This is a top quality residential Nautical flagpole and is available in 3 models.

These poles are lighter duty than our commercial line of nautical flagpole but are very high quality in construction and parts.  Read more at this > Next page

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Nautical flagpoles great for any water front property.
 3, (Best)  E20N  one pc 3" diameter pole. ships motor freight only 
 4, (Best)   AF25N (one pc. 4" diameter pole. ships motor freight only
The E20N,  AF25N are one pc. poles and must ship motor freight, cost of freight IS NOT included in the price. We need a your address to obtain a freight quote for you. We will ship it pre paid so you will take advantage of our volume shipping discount. Bear in mind freight to residential addresses average 169.00 to 249.00 and in some cases higher depending on your location. Delivery to commercial addresses is slightly lower.  Freight? include your  Zip Code
All poles include:  a tapered shaft main pole, the one pc. yardarm pole (double end tapered) a flash collar, revolving truck top, 3 cast aluminum cleats, line for all rigging, 4" gold ball top, one pair of bronze flag snaps and boots for main pole, two pair of nylon snaps for for yardarm flags, PVC foundation sleeve for pole and a Allen Key to tighten the setscrews. All cleat holes drilled and taped on pole for easy assembly. We Have done all the work for you, the assembly and installation is easy for anyone that can use simple tools.
Tools you may require: (shovel or post hole diggers, 3/4" wrench, (or adjustable) pliers, screwdriver).  Additional items for installation: concrete (we recommend 5 to 8 bags) a tube of silicone, a few pc of wood for wedges.

Larger, Commercial Nautical Flagpoles at this link

Commercial flagpoles are stronger and have higher wind ratings and should be considered when installing pole in public places.

The Best American made flags, ever made.