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US Made, Nylon, United States Flags, with Dyed Star Field

See Below 3x5 Polyester $7.99 Delivered

Buy 3x5' US Nylon Flags from $12.74 each Delivered

Fully sewn stripes, and using a dyed star field reduces cost and makes a better looking flag when flown on a flagpole, you can't tell any difference other than the better look of the stars lighting up. If you are flying your flag from a porch mounted 5 or 6 ft flagpole you might prefer the appearance of our Annin, fully embroidered  3x5 as the flag will be at eye level and you could appreciate  the super quality in the embroidered star field.  But from a flagpole your can't tell stars are printed.

Buy In Quantity & Save  American Made

Buy 3x5' Nylon 1 for $21.50  Delivered  
Buy 3x5' Nylon 3 for $53.70  Delivered = 17.90ea
Buy 3x5' Nylon 12 for $190.80  Delivered = 15.90ea
Buy 3x5' Nylon 144 for $1834.56  Delivered = 12.74ea

We sell all brands of flags to meet the public's needs. How ever NO flag is superior to the Annin flags we offer.   Back to Annin Page


we reserve the right  to choose the most cost effective shipping methods, and to discontinue offer at any time due to availability or cost changes .

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