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Sentry Flagpole Information Page.


Anchor's Sentry flagpoles offer the same quality and strength as our Continental flagpole series with the added feature of an internal halyard system. The internal halyard system provides added security for the flag and reduces halyard noise.

The Sentry flagpole uses a standard halyard and cam cleat mounted inside the flagpole shaft. The simple to use cam cleat mechanism require no maintenance and is accessed by a locking cast aluminum door assembly. That door assembly is secured by 18-20 stainless steel allen head screws. Halyard noise is eliminated since only the flag, snap hooks, counterweight and retainer ring are exposed.

Standard fittings on Sentry poles include a revolving truck assembly. Neoprene covered counterweight; beaded retainer ring; nickel plated snap hooks; gold anodized aluminum finial ball and heavy gauge spun aluminum flash collar. The ground set foundation sleeve is made of hot-dipped galvanized corrugated steel with self-centering wedges and an integrated grounding rod.

The standard shaft finish is a deep luster polished finish. Other architectural finishes are available to include, clear anodized, dark bronze or black.

Other manufactured internal halyard flagpoles do not use a revolving top head but a fixed top. Also other pole manufactures do not use the reinforced door they use a simple cutout and a piano hinge to reattach the cutout. The reinforced door  on the sentry does not leave the pole weaker like others.

The Best American made flags, ever made.