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    Complete  Pole Package Deals   

Most Popular Flagpoles for Residential, and Small Business locations
E Residential 20'
E Residential 25'
E Residential 30'
E Residential 35'


See our commercial flagpoles at this link

What is a package deal?                  Read Shipping Notes at this link

Package deals are comprised of top quality flagpoles. They are not light duty flagpole kits. Flagpole kits are made from economical, sectional tubing, and are good temporary or starter flagpoles they can be found in our specials area.

The Packages we have put together on this page are the most popular flagpoles chosen 2004 - 2006 for residential and small business locations. From our flagpole pages and they are the finest small diameter flagpoles you can purchase. These poles all have wind ratings suitable to most areas of the country. In these package deals we include everything you need, including the standard size flag for the pole you choose. But not just any flag, we supply you with an Annin Nyl Glo flag. (The finest nylon flag available). We do not include ambition to dig the hole or any concrete, but you will receive everything you require for your flagpole. You will have a flagpole you will be proud of.

Included: Pole shaft, standard top head, gold ball ornament, flag snaps, Nylon flag, flash collar, foundation sleeve, halyard (rope), cleat, all poles have standard satin finish, and instructions for your particular pole..      **See Noted about Delivery.


You supply the concrete for you footing work and the labor. A few other miscellaneous items )wood for forms & wedges & a few simple tools.

We ship you everything  else you need to get your flag flying

General instructions.