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Click photo below to enlarge photo of a 25 Estate Residential pole.


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Anchor Flagpole's Residential Package
  Small business, apartment complexes, model homes and private residences are
prime locations for the Estate tapered aluminum flagpole. Estate flagpoles are manufactured from the same high quality materials, and to the same standards as the architecturally designed Continental Flagpoles. Estate flagpoles are especially striking when installed in groups.
  • Estate 35 ft. Aluminum Flagpole
  • Above ground 35'
  • 5" butt tapered to 3" top
  • Satin finish aluminum (2pc.pole)
  • 90 MPH wind rating
  • 2 pc. pole Overall length 38'6"
  • Gold anodized ball top
  • 6x10 Annin Nyl-Glo
  • Cast Aluminum Truck Top
  • Flash Collar
  • Halyard
  • Flag Snaps
In these package deals we include everything you need including the standard size flag for the pole you choose.

But not just any flag, we supply you with and Annin Nyl Glo flag. We do not include ambition to dig the hole or any concrete but you will receive everything to erect your flagpole, you will be proud of for years and years. We have included what many others call options, options you would be charged extra for. Some of these items do add a small amount to cost but we already know you won't be happy without them and that when ordered after the purchase of a pole there is additional shipping costs and the parts cost more separately, so we put them in there up front.

* There is an additional $50.00 Fee added for freight delivery's to residential homes.


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