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Flagpole & Yardarm




Single Mast Nautical Aluminum Flagpoles

Freight quoted separately
TH20 - Y   Home Kit ... $459.00 (home kit)
Retail You Pay

Max wind mph

AFB25N, 5x25x156 Order Now $1850.00 $1499.00 140
AFB30N, 5x30x156 Order Now $1990.00 $1592.00 105
AFC30N, 6x30x156 Order Now $2360.00 $1892.00 190
AFB35N, 6x35x156 Order Now $2450.00 $2081.00 120
AFC35N, 7x35x156 Order Now $2668.00 $2154.00 180
AFD35N, 7x35x188 Order Now $2749.00 $2228.00 199
AFA40N, 7x40x156 Order Now $3280.00 $2568.00 120
AFB40N, 8x40x188 Order Now $3789.00 $2919.00 199
AFB50N, 10x50x188 Order Now $6387.00 $4989.00 185

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There is a difference in quality.

Our Components that make up our yard arm assembly ARE NOT just large "U" shaped bolts around the yard arm bolted to a flat plate.

Our components are designed around the pole you choose. They have fabricated to fit aluminum housing designed to hold the yard arm assembly firmly to the pole shaft.