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Custom Flagpoles? No Problem!

We offer a wide variety of components for applications ranging from standard, to heavy duty. Please review the products and design specifications closely. Often times buying a flagpole of a higher grade can actually save money in the long run. A budget item that has to be replaced using expensive lift trucks is not a bargain. Our heavy duty revolving truck assemblies for example contain upper and lower sealed bearing assemblies and should continue to revolve freely long after a warranty period has expired. Quality is an important consideration in the production of all our flagpoles.

Our manufactured Flagpole shafts are made from seamless high strength aluminum and are tempered to 6063-T6 to meet the most exacting architecture standards. We have flagpole shafts available with a heavy duty wall thickness for special applications.

Anchor, Manufacturing flagpoles & pole components since 1972.

Call with your questions, our staff is knowledgeable, if they don't know they will not bs you. Mr. Alan Koch has been in the metal fabrication and flagpole business  for over 37 years, we want your purchase to be the right pole for the job, the best pole for the money, and a product you can be proud of for years & years.

We sell many quality flagpole from economy home kits through aluminum, steel & fiberglass flagpoles ranging in size for 6 ft. to 150 ft.  Not all of our products are produced on our premises but we employ the right people in various industries to produce the best quality components. When put together with our quality aluminum flagpole shafts you our customers wind up with some of the best products available.


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Not all flagpoles are created equally, not all components are the same. Our top heads alone separate us from the pack.

poles 40' & over we use a sealed bearings in our top heads.