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Winch Handles & Winch

4&1/8" x 4&1/8" x  1.5" or 2" or 5"

This Handle WH-1 For SSW >


SSW1 drum 1.5" $340.00
SSW2 drum 2" $340.00
SSW3 drum 5" $570.00
Click Size Above to Order
Order WH-1 above $39.00  
< Winch Handle M-5 Key lock and key for
"M" winch poles $54.00
For replacement Keys see
 your local lock smith.
Order M-5 $40.00  
< Winch M-6 Thru M-14

"M" Winch, 11 Sizes

Price from $350.00  for 5" poles to $720.00 For 12" poles
Call to order.
Order M-6 (fits M-6 through M-14) $90.00   
Retaining Rings  sizes 5" to 36" Diameter
Size 5" to 8" Dia. poles $42.00
Size 10" & 12" Dia. poles $52.00

Additional parts available upon Request.

The Best American made flags, ever made.