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 Want to be a flagpole installer and make money?


This page will describe a few things you should know about flagpole installation.

             Donít sell your serves or abilities short.

Flagpole installation is relatively easy no matter what size the pole. I you are familiar with digging and concrete work you have half the battle won already.  If you are the type of person who is willing to spend 2 to 4 hours to dig a 30 inch diameter hole in the ground about 3 feet deep with a shovel, mix 20 bags of concrete in a wheelbarrow and set a sleeve in the center of the hole  and be paid an average of $350.00 for it then read on. If you don't like to dig or mix concrete donít waste any more of your time reading.

            If your are interested, reads on. I have been digging holes for over 30 years and as I am getting older the work is becoming harder. So I spend most of my time in the office selling poles and sending others out to do the work. (More about me later.)

            We do not have installers all over the country. We get hundreds of request from all across America, all I can do it explain how to do the work.  But it would help sales if we did, so I am willing to share my years of knowledge with others for a small fee in order to boost sales of flagpoles and flags. In order to do that I need to share information that will help you make money.

            An example of just one commercial flagpole sale. The flagpole cost $660.00 for a good quality  commercial flagpole plus freight of $150.00 to deliver to the site.  Very few people actually have experience in flagpole installation so the job often falls to maintenance men at large plants or schools who are not equipped for the job. Contractors on large construction jobs often delegate it to  the guy who runs the back hoe.

           Look around your neighborhood and town. How many crooked flagpoles do you see? There is only one reason they donít look good they were improperly installed. Back to the CASH. The flagpole above would install for $450.00 to $550.00 it is a 25í commercial pole. You would need to dig a 24 to 30 inch diameter hole 36 inch deep and concrete in the foundation sleeve that comes with the pole. Approx 15-20 Bags  of concrete mix from Lowes / Home Depot or your local hardware store. Cost of concrete approx $45.00.

            Time to complete digging and mixing and setting approx. 3 to 4 hrs. but your not quite done yet. Concrete must set a day or two.

            Then you go back screw a few parts on the flagpole, fish the line (halyard) through pulley and stand and plumb the pole. You will need an additional $9.00 worth of supplies. Job should take less than 1 hour to complete installation. At this point your well on your way to collecting you $550.00.  How Much Do You Make Now For 6 Hrs Work?

            That is just one flagpole, commercial poles pay more than residential poles but residential poles are much easier to install and require from 1 to 6, 80 pound bags of concrete and your likely to install more residential poles than commercial. Average pay to install a residential one pc. flagpole $225.00 Time to dig & mix & set foundation sleeve, 1 to 2 hrs.

Time to set up residential flagpole, 15 to 45 minutes.

            One person can install a flagpole up to 30 ft tall by him self. Note: One of the young ladies who has worked for Anchor Flag Installed a 20 ft. flagpole at her home for her mother by herself . So when I say one person can do it I mean it.

            Flagpole installation is a job for a talented, self motivated individual. If you are, you can have a lot of fun, travel as far as you like, and get paid well.

            I have installed flagpoles from the top of  New Jersey south to Florida. And in states & cities from Philadelphia, PA. Delaware, Virginia, North & South Carolina, Georgia, Through state of Florida and as far west as Gulf Port Mississippi.

I can not do it all. You wonít be able to do it all.  But when you know how to do it right and become knowledgeable about your product and your abilities people will gravitate to you and you will be successful. 

            At age 58 I am not too proud to stand on a shovel for 2 hours, dig a hole and fill it with concrete and get paid 350 to 550 for doing it. America is a big place. Here is a link you may find interesting.   

Below I will give you a few links you can find on our web site that will show you many jobs. Give you some knowledge about how poles are installed. All of it free for the time it takes you to look around.

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But when your interested in finding out how to really make money, where to buy flagpoles at great prices (less than prices shown) learn the differences between quality flagpoles and the others out there in the industry CLICK THIS LINK



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