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Anchor Flag, Inc.

             2044 Hwy 9 W.  Longs , SC. 29568



 Want to be a flagpole installer and make money?

Here is a photo link to Tools required for installation.

Note that simple tools can be used to make money.

         We'll talk more later about available power equipment that make work easier for larger than flagpole footings. But lets start with standard size flagpoles where most of your money will be made.

         Look around when you drive the country side. Do you see the flagpoles? Do you notice the American Flag? Where is the larges flag in your town? Flagpole installation is easy and you could make it a part time fun filled money maker. We don't over charge and neither should you, but we do get paid for what we know, we do it right.

          Crooked flagpoles often are the result of improper installation. There is only one reason for a flagpole to be improperly  installed. Lack of knowledge.  




Alan Koch

Anchor Flag

2044 Hwy 9 W. Longs SC 29568






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