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Customer comment.
I want to buy the same flag I had last time.  My order was from 1/9/04 invoice# 20040038.  The description is:  "6x10' US Annin tough-tex Delivered."  I was looking at your website and thought it should be the nylon but it doesn't say anything about tough-tex - just the polyester does.  Can you tell me which product I previously got?  I ordered under email: [email protected].
I just want to comment that we spent a little more on this flag than previous but it has been the best flag we have ever had!  The color lasted at least a year and a half which it was guaranteed to - but you don't really advertise how durable it is otherwise.  It will have been up for just shy of 2 years and it has not frayed in the Illinois prairie winds yet!  We are very pleased with this flag!
Thank you!
Arthur, IL 61911

Note: I put the xxxxx in to protect MS. JL , I did not change anything else. Alan Koch

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