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American Flagpoles

Privacy Policy: We make every effort to keep all your information as private as we want our's kept. We Do Not sell names, or any type of information about you or your company. We want your business, and value you as a customer. We use you e-mail only for notifications of shipping and if you sign up for news letter and sale notifications.

We only collect data when you place an order. Your data is collected in secure page areas of our shopping cart. Your information is kept as long as you are an active customer. We will NOT share your information out side of our company, other than information placed on shipping label. We will correct any inaccurate information.

We will exchange unused flags for another type or size. (must be unused) We can not refund shipping costs, if there was no separate shipping charge for your flag, shipping was calculated in the cost of flag and will be deducted from the exchange price. No Refunds on flags.   No exchanges after 30 days.
Order what you want. Ask Questions First. Be sure before you order!
We naturally do not want you to return anything, it costs both of us money. We loose time, labor for pulling and packaging. Also the package material needs to be replaced before we can resell, that means product needs to be reinspected, and repackaged, which involves someone to receive, open, inspect, repackage (with new material) and place in inventory. That is why many companies charge a restocking fee. We also charge a restock fee. It is a maximum of 20%. We will repair or replace any defective flagpole part totally at our expense. This does Not include worn flags. Rope on flagpoles works very hard too, check it every time you raise your flag, replace when needed.( it's easy to replace before it breaks)

We charge a 20% restocking fee on returned items in new condition, unused, with all parts, packaged the same it was shipped to you. Please do not slide pc. inside each other and send back, they get scraped & scratched in transit. Claims for missing or damaged parts must be made within 15 days.
To make a return you must call within 15 days of receipt of product. No Returns after 15 days.

      We do not inflate or embellish our advertising, products are what we say they are, and details and descriptions are as accurate as possible. The product you will receive will be the products we advertise. Also note that at present, our products are at the least 90% USA in content and labor (Made in the USA)
We want you to be happy with Anchor Flag, and our products. Call and ask before you buy, were happy to explain and guide you to a product that you will be happy with and will meet your needs. If you live close buy, come on over and see us. You'll save shipping and get a smile. (Smile included with or without purchase.)

A Flags Life

There is no way to determine how long a flag will last. Flags work very hard, 24 / 7, wind, rain, damp nights, storms, bright sun, hot summer sun. Winds aloft may be greater than what you feel on ground. Your neighbor says his flag lasted 2 years. Is it on a pole 25' high? Or is it mounted off their porch under a tree on the shady side of the house, protected from the wind and sun? Do they only fly it only on the 20 flag holidays a year? Or 7 days a week 24 hrs a day? You see conditions vary, direct sun, height, 24 / 7, strong storms while your away, and so-on. So order a spare, you'll still have your colors flying wile one is out for repair. Repair frayed ends to extend your flag's life. We repair Jumbo Flags Only. The Poly II flags are heavier and tougher than nylon. Nylon flies in lighter breezes and has beautiful vibrant color. Use Poly II for heavy wind areas and windy seasons. They are sewn with a more open weave and require stronger winds to make them fly.
General rule of thumb, remove flag in winds above 35 MPH as only excessive flag ware will result if left out in strong wind. Flags are made of cloth and no amount of material or hi-tech fibers can withstand the constant pounding and abuse of winds above 35 MPH. Also possible pole damage can be caused by high winds. Poles have specific wind ratings that are reduced by the size of flag you fly. Standard flag size reduces pole ratings by approx. 20%, over size flags by a greater amount. Rope on flagpoles works very hard too, check it every time you raise your flag, replace if needed.( it's easy to replace before it breaks)


The Best American made flags, ever made.