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This page details a flagpole top head replacement on Internal Halyard top head.


Door Old top head, see grove where cable cut plastic guid. Top head cut off flush with top of pole. old and new
E  F G H
new top head with Bronze cable guide, new retaining ring with all its balls, and the adapter required for reassembly. New adapter installed New top head installed Finished
Top head from MB >>> I Next photo shows inside door > the winch system and this pole has an aluminum door hinge, and is held on with screws that never stay in.

See a better Door Here

read below

About the door :  On internal halyard poles with a winch system the door is only required to assemble the winch, the crank inserts from the side not through the door. So we use a welded frame in our poles (not just a cut out) and the door is bolted on flush with pole.

See a better Door Here  and the entire page link here to a quality job.

Photo below shows IH pole properly rigged.

Hard to see but follow from cable connection at top, ball (white) stop, thimble & crimp, ss swivel, flag arrangement: Thimble, with connector & ss flag snap, cable down to thimble, connector with flag snap, connected to retaining ring, & weight..

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