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General installation instructions covering a wide range of poles.

This is a long page.

External Halyard, Ground Sleeve Flagpole Models - Sized 20 to 40 feet
Before You Dig...
  • Read though these instructions and make sure that you have all the components and tools required for the installation.
  • Select a location for your flagpole where it cannot be struck by lawnmowers, automobiles, bikes, etc.
  • Avoid locations in the vicinity of power lines
  • Check with your local municipality regarding height ordinances and for any underground gas or power lines. Many municipalities have a "Dig Safe" bureau that can provide you with this information.
  • It is best to unwrap the pole as soon as possible after it's been delivered and kept straight and dry during storage.
  • Do not attempt to climb flagpoles.
  • Do not lean ladders against flagpoles.
  • Do not allow children to operate a flagpole unattended.

Flagpole Components - Included

  • Flagpole shaft
  • Fiberglass ground sleeve
  • Gold ball
  • Halyard (rope)
  • Silver plated large brass snap clip
  • 2 Nylon snap hooks
  • Saddle style truck with 2 screws. Use of screws is optional.
  • Counterweight
  • Decorative ground collar

Tools and Accessories Required - Not Included

  • Level
  • Screwdriver - Phillips head for truck screws
  • Cedar wedges/shims
  • Dry sand
  • Cement
  • Shovel/excavating tools
  • Crushed stone/pebbles for drainage
 Home kits only require approximately a 12 to 15 inch diameter hole the depth of sleeve included with you particular flagpole. Best to have gravel on bottom of hole for drainage.


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Click to enlarge and see how to loop flag snaps to flagpole line.

we just tie the two ends of line together allowing the line when finished to hang just above the ground. This allows enough room to install snaps and allows enough line to wrap around cleat.

We place one snap above the knot of the line and the other below knot spaced to fit flag. then when you raise flag you won't see knot, it will be up with flag and won't interfere with pulley at top as ,knot is between flag snaps.