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Read about the best nylon U.S. Flag Ever Made
Annin Brand » Annin Flags & ColorFast Guarantee
Annin's Nyl-Glo And Tough-Tex ColorFast U.S. Flags are simply the Best U.S. Flag you can buy - GUARANTEED!
Annin's Nyl-Glo ColorFast U.S. Flags are the first U.S. Flags that will never change color. In fact, all ColorFast U.S. Flags shipped from Annin Distribution Centers are packaged with a guarantee to remain color fast for at least one year from date of purchase. FOR ONE FULL YEAR or Annin & Co. will replace it with a new ColorFast flag at no charge.

This Unconditional Guarantee program indicates just how advanced these flags really are! Independent competitive testing has shown that these U.S. Flags stay color fast far longer than any U.S. Flag now manufactured. The colors will out last all competitive U.S. Flag products.

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The best made U.S. Flags proudly display the Annin label today, as they have for over 155 years of flag making leadership and commitment to quality. Flag construction combines the finest quality materials with the industry's most skillful sewing and embroidery. When combined with Annin's new ColorFast System, Annin makes the best U.S. flags available.

Annin Flags are Extra Strong Ask For Annin Flags from Anchor Flagpole 800-637-3002
Annin Flags are guaranteed!

Large flags meet large challenges. They are flown from taller flagpoles where stronger winds prevail and even when flown closer to the ground the sheer size and weight of a larger US flag subjects it to tremendous stress and strain. The use of superior materials and additional reinforcement make Annin's flags the best.

All 10x15' and larger US flags have at least one additional grommet in addition to the sewn-in roped heading.
All 15x25' and larger are finished with a minimum of 6 rows of fly-end stitching.
All 10x15' and larger have triangular corner patches on the heading.
All 15x25' and larger feature extra-heavy 3/8" rope in the heading plus a minimum of three grommets.
All 15x25' and larger feature additional fly-end corner patches on the backside of each flag to shield the vulnerable exposed hems.
All 30x50' and larger are back-tacked stitched on each fly end stripe.

Annin: Flagmakers to the World Since 1847

150 Years of Flagmaking Excellence!

“Old Glory” was scarcely 70 years old in 1847 when Edward and Benjamin Annin founded Annin & Co., flagmakers, in New York City. In fact, it had been only 23 years earlier that our nation’s best known symbol was christened with that now famous nickname by Wilbur Driver, a young ship’s captain from Salem, Massachusetts.

Even then the art of flagmaking was not new to the Annin family, since Alexander Annin, father of Edward and Benjamin, had been sewing flags and supplying them to ships’ stores from his chandlery on the New York City waterfront as far back as 1820.

Beginning in 1847 however, when Annin & Co. was formed, and continuing until the present, its flags have been interwoven into the fabric of American history. A few of the many noteworthy events in which Annin flags have played a role include:

1849 - The inauguration of Zachary Taylor as President of the United States. Annin flags have been flown at every Presidential inauguration since 1849.

1851 - The first International Exhibition in London; with over 30 subsequent World’s Fairs and major expositions

1865 - The funeral of President Abraham Lincoln. A flag made by Annin was used to drape his casket.

1876 - America’s Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia, celebrating the first 100 years of the new republic

1883 - ceremonial opening of the Brooklyn Bridge.

1909 - Commander Robert E. Peary’s expedition to the North Pole

1923 - “The World’s Largest Flag” (90 x 230 feet) unfurled on the building of The J.L. Hudson Company, Detroit Michigan and displayed on special occasions . . . replaced in 1949 by a still larger version (104 x 235 feet) which was retired to the Smithsonian Institute in 1976.

1930 - Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd’s expedition to the South Pole

1945 - The famous flag raising under enemy fire by a contingent of US Marines atop Mt. Suribachi on Iwo Jima.

1947 - The world’s largest free flying flag (60 x 90 feet) hoisted for the first time on the New Jersey side of the George Washington Bridge. Its replacements are still being displayed on major holidays.

1963 - The National Geographic Society expedition to the summit of Mt. Everest

1969 - The historic mission of Apollo 11, to the moon as well as a number of other space explorations.

1976 - The USA Bicentennial, our nation’s 200th birthday celebration

1983 - The raising of a 50 x 100 foot flag, believed to be the world’s largest ever flown from a flagpole, at Plano, Texas on a 220 foot pole.

Today, Annin is recognized as the world’s oldest and largest flagmaker.

Situated in New Jersey since 1916, Annin now has four locations within the state: the modern Roseland facility houses both the general offices and main warehouse; State, foreign and other “special” flags banners and pennants are manufactured in nearby Verona; while most of the United States flags are produced in Bloomfield.

The company’s Schiffli embroidery operation is located in Orange. The New Jersey facilities combined employ about 300 people, while the silk-screening printing plant in Palm Bay, Florida and the Coshocton, Ohio locations account for approximately 100 more. The annual production of flags of all types and sizes is in the millions.

In addition to the United States flag, Annin makes over 200 international flags, including all United nations members, as well as the flags of the 50 States and US territories, all Canadian provinces, flags of early America, national and international organizations and corporations etc.

Annin has been the official flagmaker to the United Nations since its founding.

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Anchor Flag And Flagpole

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