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Get out your yard stick to measure these, there 36" + tip to tip and they weigh 9 pounds,( that's about 2 - 5 pound bags of sugar if you need something to compare with). Back has 2 sturdy hangers for mounting.
Heavy, solid cast aluminum, full of detail, and large enough to be seen.


36" click photos to enlarge


Large Wall Eagles Choose 36" or 29"
36" Wall Eagles
29" Wall Eagles
Pewter (silver) 36" $74.50 Order here Pewter (Silver) 29" $64.90 Order here
Satin Black 36" ...$79.80 Order here Satin Black 29" ... $69.90 Order here
Antique Gold 36" $84.90 Order here Antique Gold 29" .$76.50 Order here
Wall mount eagles are great for over your mantel or outside, over door, or at roof peak, and make a wonderful gift.
Solid hand cast aluminum wall plaque eagles, beautiful detail, hand painted.
WE-24 Gold or Black
  WE-24 Color

 WE-24 Black or Gold
WE-24 Black $28.00 Order here
WE-24 Color Wall Eagle
WE-24 Gold .$28.00 Order here
WE-24 Color $39.00 Order here

 WE-23 Gold W/Shield $46.00
WE-23 Gold $46.00 Order here
WE-23 Painted Wall Eagle
W/Shield $74.00 24"
WE-23 Color $74.00 Order here



Belt Buckle