Standard features for Commercial Flagpoles.
Flagpoles External halyard provide the traditional rope based halyard system for raising and lowering your flag. Standard fittings include
A heavy duty spun aluminum gold  ball proper size for each individual pole.
A cast aluminum single sheave revolving truck assembly.
Braided nylon halyard with 1 pair brass flag snaps.
Cast aluminum 9" cleat.
Spun aluminum flash collar.
A corrugated galvanized ground sleeve with base plate lightning spike and mounting plate.
Flagpoles 45 ft. and larger come standard with our heavy duty dual sealed bearing revolving truck. 
Optional features include HD4.5 dual sealed bearing truck, swap for $106.00 . HD cast aluminum flash collar from $68.00 to $120.00
Double halyard add $60.00

Standard finish Satin. Others Available.

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