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  •  mercury and lead free prime ingot
  • finished by experienced craftsmen eliminating all surface pits and blemishes
  • made to your specifications, and in most cases shipped within 8 business days 
  • create no additional scrap, as we recycle all excess material
  • Experience and Expertise
    We are the world's largest manufacturer of plastic and metal dimensional letters. We have been in business since 1964 and have manufacturing and shipping facilities in seven locations in North America. Our regional facilities reduce the time it takes to ship your order to you
  • Superior Quality and Service
    Our experienced craftsmen use only the finest materials to produce our letters, logos and plaques. Whether you choose plastic or metal, each piece is hand-finished and polished according to your specifications. Our goal is to win your business, one order at a time.
  • Lifetime Guarantee
    Should you ever have a problem with your order, we will go out of our way to make it right. If a Gemini letter, logo or plaque should ever break, crack, chip, fade or fail to look as good as the day it arrived, we will replace it.
Only Available Through Sign Companies & Graphic Resellers

For a quick layout of your required letters Fax to 843-756-9143 or e-mail [email protected]

Dimensional letters are individually created from high-impact plastics or various metals; that are mounted to your sign surface, building wall, or entrance monument.
Dimensional Letters are desirable for the following reasons:
  • Dimensional Letters stand out. They are not on the same plane as your sign background-creating depth to your sign, making it more noticeable than either painted letters or vinyl type lettering.
  • Dimensional Letters are more durable. As long as dimensional letters are made from high-impact plastics (such as Butyrate) or metal; they can be permanently mounted to any surface. Premium materials will last longer, and look better longer than any other form of signage.
  • Dimensional Letters add class & distinction. No matter what type of building, business, or signage need-dimensional letters add a look and feel unlike any flat type of signage.
Choosing the proper letter material is as important as your sign's message. The right material will determine how long your sign will last; and what the look and feel is of your sign.
Durability. If you want your sign to look good for an extended period of time (particularly outdoors or where the sign may be subject to wear and tear); you need to make sure your sign is made from materials that will not fade, chip, peel, delaminate, or crack. Sticking to high-impact plastics and metal letters assures a long life for your sign. Ask the following questions:
  • Are these letters impact resistant?
  • How will these letters stand up to UV light and the weather?
  • Are these letters Guaranteed for Life?

Look and Feel. Always be looking to match the material of your sign's letters with the application. Choosing the wrong material can either look out-of-place or may not fit the 'look' you are trying to achieve. Polished Bronze letters on a brown corrugated storage facility may seem out of place; while glossy red formed plastic letters on a brick building for an attorney's office may give the wrong impression.

When you are designing your sign; you should always utilize the resources of an experienced sign professional. However, if you wish to create your own design work-keep these criteria in mind when laying out your sign.
Visibility. A sign that cannot be seen should not be created. Identify the type of traffic your sign is meant to attract (sidewalk traffic, downtown vehicles, or highway traffic, for example) and use the proper size, color, angle, lighting, and placement for maximum visibility. Many of the decisions relating to visibility are limited by your local sign ordinances; so consult an expert for this information.

Legibility. Even if your sign is visible, if it is not able to be read by your intended audience, it has little value. Some of the things to keep in mind are the following:

  1. Letter Size. Letters that are too small to read are commonplace in many signs today. For a quick reference on what size letters are needed for your sign; examine the visibility chart taken from the research conducted by the University of Pennsylvania State and the United States Sign Council.
  2. Color & Finish Contrast. Letters that blend in with their background become illegible at moderate distances. This applies to polished metal letters that may reflect a similar color as the sign background to the viewer making them unreadable; dark letters that may blend into a building brick or stone; or other letters where there is a small level of contrast between the letter color and the background. The amount and type of lighting (both artificial and natural) is important as well to overall legibility.
  3. White/Negative Space. Simply enlarging letters does not make them more readable. Proper letter kerning (the space between letters) and leading (the space between lines of text) have almost as much to do with legibility as letter size. Maintaining a high degree of white or negative space is important to keep the letters from running together or running into other distractions around the sign.
Our Quality is Unmatched...
Using only the finest materials produces the finest products. Gemini's experienced craftsmen use only the highest grade of materials for production of your letters and logos. Whether made of metal or plastics, Gemini finishes the product beyond your expectations.
Low Prices...
Through annual bulk purchases of metals and resins; with our internal plastics extrusion processes, we are able to keep our material costs well below those of any other letter manufacturer. The vast number of orders allows us to specialize in each process, further reducing our cost to you.
We Only Use Recyclable Materials...
In efforts to keep our costs as low as possible, we recycle all trim generated from our manufacturing. For example, all prime metal trim is molten for cast letters. Where possible, we utilize plastics made from renewable resource materials-such as our CAB sheet for formed and Minnesota letters. While this prime material is more expensive; the ability to recycle any waste created is good for your pocketbook and the environment.
Delivery and Service is Tops...
Our goal is to win your business one order at a time. We are committed to providing better delivery and customer service than you will find in any industry. One way that we show that commitment to you is by building regional manufacturing facilites to reduce the amount of time it takes to receive your Gemini letters while at the same time reducing your shipping costs. Should there ever be a problem with an order, we will make it right by you.
Lifetime Guarantee on All Products...
When we say Lifetime Guarantee we mean it. If ever a Gemini product fails, whether it breaks, cracks, chips, fades, or fails to look as good as the day it was shipped to you, we will replace that product. We simply require you go back to the sign company it was purchased from so they can get a Return of Materials Authorization.
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