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     Many things to consider when choosing a flagpole. Where. How Tall. Wind Zone. Residential Or commercial. Did you know it cost more to deliver to a residential location then it does to deliver to a commercial business. A church is considered a residential delivery by most freight carriers. Will I be able to install the flagpole? Is there adequate instructions available.

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     We're happy to answer all these questions and more, through our site we offer full information about the various flagpoles we offer, we offer help in choosing the right pole for your area. We offer guidance based on our experience and knowledge about our products, there installation and performance.  Your purchase of a commercial flagpole should last a life time if you choose the proper pole, we can guide you to the purchase of the proper pole and fill you in on the maintenance issues you may face based on you choices.

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We offer high quality products, and we can help you decide how to purchase a flagpole.

As the standard of the industry, Continental external halyard flagpoles offer a wide range of exposed heights, shaft strength, and standard finishes. Exposed heights range from 20' to 80'. All 30' and 35' shafts are offered in either a once piece or two piece configuration to minimize shipping costs. Poles with pre-calculated freight are 2 pc. Multiple piece shaft sets are pre-fitted at the factory and use a self-aligning internal sleeve.

All Continental shafts are made from seamless 6063-T6 high strength aluminum and are designed to meet the most exacting architectural standards.

Standard fittings for the Anchor's Continental line include a revolving cast aluminum single halyard truck; a limited stretch braided polypropylene halyard; nickel plated snap hooks; 9" cast aluminum cleat; heavy gauge spun aluminum flash collar and a gold anodized, aluminum finial ball. Flagpoles with a 10" or 12" butt diameter are fitted with a heavy duty, sealed bearing revolving truck and stainless steel snap hooks. The ground set foundation sleeve is made of hot-dipped galvanized corrugated steel with self-centering wedges and an integrated grounding rod. Many optional fittings are available to customize the Anchor's Continental Flagpoles. See Accessories for optional fittings. 

The standard shaft finish is a deep luster polished finish. Other architectural finishes are available to include, clear anodized, dark bronze or black.    

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     Our cone tapered ground set aluminum flagpoles are precision fabricated from new, 6063-T6 tubing utilizing the industry's most sophisticated, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.
The conical portion tapers approximately 1" in every 5.55 feet. Poles with overall lengths of less than 30' are shipped in one piece. Longer lengths are shipped in sections and will be factory fitted with a self-aligning sleeve which requires no field welding. Upon proper assembly a hairline joint is all that is visible..
      All poles are double wrapped with protective paper and shipped in a hard fiber tube.