Anchor Flag And Flagpole
  • When flown at half-staff, the flag is hoisted to the peak for an instant, then lowered to the half-staff position (half the distance from the top to the bottom of the staff).
  • Before the flag is lowered for the day, it is raised again to the top, then lowered.
  • If your flag is on an outrigger flagpole or mounted on a wall and cannot be flown at half-staff, it is appropriate to drape a purple and black mourning ribbon across the flag.
  • If you have multiple poles all flags are at half staff.
  • A few more notes at the bottom

Days to fly Flag at Half Staff.

OR upon Presidential Order.

What is Half Staff?? It Is Not  necessarily center of the pole, It might be center of the usable length of the pole. 

If you have an 80 ft pole and its close to building and only 40 ft of pole is above building , the flag need not be lying on the roof or flying in your canopy. Your usable length of pole is 40 ft., so as an example your flag's center would be down roughly 15 to 20 ft from top of staff not 40 ft.

Half staff may be only a few feet down from top of pole. It shows the same respect, and keeps your flag out of the trees, bushes, or off the roof.

I see flags like a 20x30 on a 60 ft pole with the flag placed in the center of pole the lower end of flag polishes the cars in the parking lot. this is disrespectful treatment of the flag.

 If your flying 2 flags same pole the 1/2 staff would be about 1/3rd way down or center the flags at about 1/2 way.