Freight Note

Our Freight policy is straight forward.

We get the cost for your freight from the freight company that will be delivering your pole. Then add to you bill after your approval our freight amount.

Other individuals that sell flagpoles, estimate what it MAY cost, have miles of disclaimers about freight cost to certain areas, and notices about not being responsible for additional charges that may be billed to you later.

We do not try and guess what delivery cost might be. We get a quote for each location * *. We need your zip code and we need to know if delivering to a residence or business.

 * * Freight delivery Notes


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Multiple poles to same site can save you hundreds of dollars in shipping costs.

We do not set the freight companies rates for delivery nor can we guess what it will be. All the freight companies we use have there own rates most are comparable, but some companies do not deliver everywhere, rates are set by distance traveled, difficulty of delivery site, and residential deliveries cost more than to a business. A business is open, manned, and available during business hours, it is easy to deliver to a business, it is difficult for freight companies to deliver to residential addresses, residential locations are often harder to find, and freight companies will not drop off unless someone is there to receive & sign, which requires a phone call or two or three to find someone.

We try to let you know approximately when you pole should arrive. And then notify you when it has shipped. You, MUST make that easy for us to do by providing a working e-mail address that we are not blocked from sending to. Then when you know your pole has been shipped, instead of waiting for a call from the freight company, you call them the freight company and give them the numbers we provide you in you e-mail and tell them your expecting a delivery, and ASK them when it might be.

Remember they do not pick up here and carry directly to you, they delivery hundreds of heavy and oversize items for thousands of companies and will deliver when they are in your area which may not be exactly when you want it. In some cases they may work with you a bit on scheduling. They will charge extra if you are not there after you set up a day for delivery and they need to make another trip out to deliver.