Fiberglass Flagpoles

Optional Features Include: A Hinge Base Pole, A Hinge Base Internal Halyard, A Yardarm Assembly Kit or A Yardarm and Gaff Assembly Kit.


    Fiberglass with additional feature hinge base feature.

No Flag

    Fiberglass with Hinge Base and Internal Halyard System.
Height  Select    
20 AFGS20 AFHB20 AFHBIH20   120
25 AFGS25 AFHB25 AFHBIH25   120
30 AFGS30 AFHB30 AFHBIH30   120
33 AFGS33 AFHB33 AFHBIH33   120
35 AFGS35 AFHB35 AFHBIH35   120
40 AFGS40 AFHB40 AFHBIH40   120
50 AFGS50 AFHB50 AFHBIH50   120
60 AFGS60 AFHB60 AFHBIH60   120
70 AFGS70 AFHB70 AFHBIH70   120
 GS = Ground Set     HB = Hinge Base    HBIH = Hinge Base Internal Halyard