What is the difference?  How do I choose?  What pole will work for me?

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Home Kits and Light Duty Flagpoles

Economical multi section flagpoles typically for home use or for temporary display poles used to attract attention to sales centers.   
  Residential Flagpoles Commercial Quality Residential external halyard scaled down commercial quality flagpoles, with modest wind ratings unlike lighter duty home kits.
  Home Porch Mount Traditional house mounting kits of higher quality than hardware and chain store variety.
  Commercial Flagpoles  External Halyard High quality external halyard flagpoles with high wind ratings. Typically found at commercial locations
  Sentry, Rope Based Internal Halyard. Key Lock Door Flagpoles. Economical rope based internal halyard. Used where security from vandals is required. 
  Independence Flagpole Stainless Steel Cable  Independence Security and ease of raising large flags. Deploys a stainless steel winch and cable. The ultimate flagpole.
  Fiberglass Flagpoles White fiberglass flagpoles light weight easy to install strong available with hinge base and internal halyard.
  Fiberglass Nautical Flagpoles Nautical flagpoles available with yardarm or yardarm and gaff. Neat clean construction excellent choice for waterfront locations.
  Aluminum Nautical Flagpoles Nautical aluminum flagpoles from light duty home kits to larger commercial quality flagpoles found at yacht clubs & marinas.
  Outrigger Flagpoles Wall mounted outrigger flagpoles. Commercial applications.
  Vertical Wall Mount Vertical wall mounted flagpoles. Commercial applications.